We are building a MakerBot User Group for the Maker community in Northwest Arkansas. If you would like to join, please go to the Contact page.

These are things we'd like to see in new members, but an interest is the only requirement:
• Own a MakerBot, RepRap or other 3d printing equipment or...
    - helped a friend build theirs and that friend is a member willing to sponsor you
    - be a student in a related field (access to 3d printing equipment is helpful)
• Work professionally in 3d modelling, architecture or related field or...
    - have a site containing example work that can be linked to the email you use to join
• Have a desire to learn and to help others learn
• Live in the Northwest Arkansas area (Jane, MO area in the north to Fayetteville, AR area in the south, or be willing to drive to Fayetteville-Bentonville when we get together.)
• Be a good person! (We'd like to aid in the development of a maker/hacker/modder community that frowns on piracy and encourages free thinking and creativity.)

There are current;y no dues for joining and there have been no meetings. Once we have enough interest, we can consider dues for funding projects and get-togethers. Otherwise, this will be a group for helping each other with reprap/makerbot equipment issues and sharing tips.
Take a look at the NWA Hackerspace Logos Concepts....

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